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Our Dentists
Paula Grewe

General dentistry
Extensive restorative dentistry
Specialties: Endodontology
BIG: 49917856002

It gives me great satisfaction to see the patient leaving the treatment room with a smile. Important to me is that the patient always feels seen and understood. Building a bond of trust, especially with people who are traumatized, is one of my challenges. I also like to give children a good basis with the idea that a dentist is not a scary person.

Dentistry, where the tooth is conserved as much as possible (composite, facings or crowns) is one of the areas in dentistry that I specialized in. Especially in aesthetic dentistry, the cooperation with our in-house dental technicians is very valuable and leads to excellent results. I am also interested in other facets of the profession such as implantology and root canal treatments.

In 2013 I graduated from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. I am always curious about the latest developments and regularly attend courses to keep myself up-to-date.

My hobbies include playing the piano, singing, cooking and architecture.

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Willem Lely

General dentistry
Extensive restorative dentistry
Specialties: Aesthetic dentistry and construction of implants
BIG: 09022447402

‘Turn your hobby into your profession’ – I think this saying is one that fits me well. Keeping my hands busy and fixing things that are broken are the cornerstones of my childhood. It started by putting together wooden karts (soapboxes), but soon became a huge passion for collecting and repairing mopeds, then cars (preferably classics). The classic cars remained and I added an old sailing ship (tjalk – a Dutch barge), on which I go sailing with my family, and my passion for the job.

To me, being a dentist means firstly building a good basis for mutual trust. That trust can and naturally should be in the quality of ‘the product’ I make. Therefore, I’ve dedicated myself to the complete mending of teeth. The construction of implants is an important part of this. I also treat patients with dental anxiety. It’s a personal challenge to get these people to come to me with as little fear as possible.

I studied dentistry at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. After my studies, I first worked there at the dental surgery and special dentistry department. Subsequently, I started working at the Stationsweg practice in The Hague. Going to work each day with a smile is very important for me.

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Derk Kösters

General dentistry
Extensive restorative dentistry
Specialties: Endodontology and construction of implants
BIG: 29062002802

I graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in April 2004. After a year of observing at the Statenkwartier dental practice in The Hague, I joined the team of dentists at the Stationsweg in 2005. My strengths are patience and precision work.

Root canal (re)treatments are really up my alley. With patience and a listening ear I love helping fearful patients into our practice. I practice a general form of dentistry in which all dental disciplines are applied: I’m happy to provide solutions for repairing teeth and recovering masticatory function in complex dental problems.

I keep my dental knowledge up-to-date by attending several courses and conferences, in the Netherlands and abroad, every year.

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Our Dental Hygienists
Eva Wartewig

In 2006, I completed a 4-year Bachelors degree in dental hygiene at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. II have been working as a dental hygienist in this practice since 2007. I did an MSc in Health Sciences at the VU in Amsterdam next to my job and graduated in 2012.

For me, periodontology is the basis of dentistry – after all, the foundation of teeth and molars has to be healthy. I think it’s important to put patients at ease. I do this by explaining what’s going on, what we can do and taking time for each treatment. We keep each other focused and offer high-quality dentistry.

Annemarie Jansen

In 2006, I completed a 4-year Bachelors degree in dental hygiene at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht. I immediately applied at the Hollands Spoor practice and have been working there ever since.

What I like most of all, is the friendly, efficient and direct cooperation within our team. The patient is always central to everything we do, no request is too much. In our practice, we treat patients as people, not numbers. We take plenty of time for everyone. Our group of patients is very diverse, making every day different. It is a pleasure to come to work every day.

My focus is mainly on periodontal treatments. I am good at putting anxious patients at ease and enjoy working with children.

Our Assistants
Michelle Robert

I have worked as a dental assistant to Dr. Kösters since 2010. I never thought I would become a dental assistant, as I originally came from the catering world. But after a short internship in this practice, I obtained my diploma in 2010 and have enjoyed being a part of the practice ever since. My colleagues are wonderful and I hope I can continue to be a part of this team for a long time.

Jamie Hermans

I completed a 3-year degree for dental assistant at Gilde Opleidingen in Venlo in 2005. I worked as a prevention assistant in a large group practice in Venlo until 2013. Then I moved to the Hollands Spoor practice and I never want to leave again. I truly enjoy working here, because of the great working atmosphere and the high standards of dentistry.

Dental Practice Hollands Spoor
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